A Sad Goodbye

A sad goodbye

A sad goodbyeYou know that saying; all good things must come to an end? That’s how I feel with the announcement of my local CrossFit box being sold and one of my favorite coaches leaving. ┬áHe is a great coach and so it is a sad goodbye.

A Sad Goodbye

Don’t get me wrong, it is all good for him, he was ready and I wish him the best of wishes on his new chapter in life.

Coach Wes Wyatt, I met probably two years ago when I joined the CrossFit box closer to my house – Jones Valley CrossFit. I admit, at first he was kind of intimidating for he seemed to be stern. But he was a great coach and so I kept showing up and realized he was a great person as well. He was funny and knowledgeable and was always willing to share his knowledge about fitness related topics.

When I first joined the box, he had a meeting with me and asked what my goals were and that is when I came up with MoxieFit50. I was 49 at the time and wanted to be in the best shape of my life by the time I turned 50 and I did just that with his help.

I was also usually the only woman and most certainly the oldest and slowest in a class full of young bucks but Coach Wes always treated me like an equal and had confidence in me, more than I had in myself. It seemed like knew my true potential before I did. He never once treated me like I was less than because I couldn’t do an Rx WOD and had to scale the WOD almost every single time. In fact, I think he made a couple of workouts geared just for me at times. Ones that I could Rx so that I could gain my own confidence.

At any rate, the CrossFit box is sold and he will be moving on. It is something that he has wanted but I will miss him.

Thanks, Coach Wes!

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