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Saturday morning and I’m up at 0500 because I don’t want to miss a minute of my free time. Yet, I feel like I want to get horizontal on the couch to take a purposeful nap any moment now. I’m not awake yet regardless of the two cups of coffee I’ve had since being up, hence, I probably should not be blogging in the first place. But here I am.

I don’t blog about my political views anymore. I have learned to remain quiet with that, like I’ve learned to remain quiet about my religion too. I don’t blog about anything work-related either. I no longer blog about anything specific like the fashion industry or local businesses. My life is not complicated or busy or drama-filled so there’s nothing to blog about there. This leaves me blogging things like my coffee, bribing my kids to clean the house, and other meaningless crap.

I had started another blog, Mrs. Mood, so I could blog about silly humorous stuff but now THIS blog is turning into something of the same. So why have both? I don’t know. Remember, it’s early morning as I write this and I can’t answer questions right now.

Today I am hoping to bribe the kids to clean the house for a water park tomorrow. We shall see. I’ll just be honest here, I don’t want to clean my house on one of my days off. And I’m lazy. I get all stressed out during the week that when I’m in the privacy of my own home, relaxing on the weekend, I don’t want to have to work. I just want to be.

Here’s the crazy thing, I’ve blogged to create an audience but now that I have one I feel restricted. I find that I only want to blog about insignificant things as not to have to deal with any fall out and consequences from my personal views, opinions, and beliefs if I were to decide to blog about that type of thing. So you get my coffee cup today. You got ugly dolls earlier in the week and flowers before that.

Maybe one day I can confidently make this blog about writing like my friend over at Pen and Palette, Susan does a FANTASTIC job with her blog and sharing all sorts of writing information. Writing is something I do love to do but feel I am not educated enough in this field to actually share anything about writing… I only have my limited amount of experience and that doesn’t make for much blogging.

But I would like to make this blog about writing. Maybe one day. And maybe if I do make it about writing then it would force me to, well, you know, actually write.

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