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Brand Ambassador

brand ambassador

Everyone is a brand ambassador these days and the opportunity is there more and more. A lot of companies have jumped on the bandwagon with social media influencers. So I decided to get in on the action too. I’ve chosen two brands that I want to represent and so I’ve signed up to be one of their brand ambassadors.

Brand Ambassador

Athia Skin – I’ve been a brand ambassador for a little while now and the newest company I signed up for is the FNX Fit brand.

Skin Care for the active lifestyle. Formulated by active women for active women to give you the best feeling skin you’ve ever experienced.

Athia Skin Care

athia skin brand ambassador


Providing Functional Fitness Supplement Products to help you build muscle, have better workouts, and recover quicker.


FNX brand ambassador

I use both of these products and will continue to do so.

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