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Doing Without Facebook

doing without Facebook

Doing without Facebook, is this something you’ve contemplated? I have, a lot, lately. The platform is getting worse and worse. At first, I wanted to deactivate it because I allowed it to take too much of my time. Then it was because I was getting irritated with it and most of its users. Now? It’s become too big for its britches and EVERYONE HAS COME TO RELY ON IT FOR EVERYTHING. And I don’t want any of that nonsense. We won’t even get into all of the privacy issues, Zuckerberg’s politics, and the woes and troubles the company has faced recently.

Doing Without Facebook

Facebook seems to be in hot water although none of its users will know this or if they do they just don’t care anymore because they are hooked.

People say they use it for all sorts of things: keeping up with family, finding out what is going on in your area, events, communities, birthday wishes, keeping photos, recommendations, reviews, locating businesses. I could come up with rebuttals. But no one cares anymore.

Facebook is here to stay, sadly. I’m not going to argue the point anymore. I can only do my part by not use it.

I’ve been asking myself if I could do without it and I have to admit when I think about doing without it I do feel a tinge of panic trying to creep in. And then, of course, I try to justify why I would need to keep my Facebook PAGES and even my GROUPS. But why? What am I afraid I am going to miss? THAT, my friend, is the question. Fear of missing out. Or, FOMO as the kids might call it.

I’ve decided to do without Facebook for a little while. Starting Thanksgiving morning and going through the New Year.

It is only 40 days or 6 weeks. I’ll give everyone who knows me on Facebook fair warning and other ways they can reach me. It will be okay.

What about you? Could you do without Facebook, how about temporarily?

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