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Facebook Denied My Ad

With my new blog, I created a Facebook page to go along with it. Creating a Facebook page, I thought I would run a little promotion and sent in an ad to Facebook.

I used the photo shown below.

Garage gym gal

Facebook denied my ad and told me that it was promoting an ideal body image.

Really, Facebook? I want to give you my money and you don’t want it. Granted, it would’ve only been $30. But still. I’m not trying to sell anything, just promoting to maybe gain some readers.

Why are the above two photos allowed, but mine was denied?

It’s OK, it will force me to really think about what I want to promote or how to promote or if I want to promote.

I would like your feedback please. In the image I provided to Facebook how do you feel about that image?

Author: Carol

Masters athlete, garage gym owner, and your charmingly bold GenerationX blogger.

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