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Good Morning My Little Love Bunnies

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Good morning my little love bunnies, I used to say this all the time. Many years ago, a co-worker used to say this to me. And I guess I just picked it up for myself along the way. At any rate, I like it and continue to use it.

So, welcome to Garage Gym Gal, my new blog. Yes, another new blog. I still own,, and I will not be relinquishing them anytime soon. In fact, I plan to put them here on this blog as a sub menu item.

It might be difficult to explain what this blog will be about even though the title clearly states Garage Gym Gal. So obviously, it will be about my garage gym and everything that entails. But it will also be a personal opinion and lifestyle blog as well. Everything all in one place, finally.

Author: Carol

Masters athlete, garage gym owner, and your charmingly bold GenerationX blogger.

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