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Gym Gypsy Journal

Gym Gypsy Journal

I found this Gym Gypsy Journal via someone I follow on Instagram and had to have it for myself.

It is right up my alley because anyone who knows me knows that I am a journal/planner addict. I usually go through about 6 different ones per year. I’m always changing it up, trying new planners. Quite frankly, I get frustrated with myself because of it.

The reason the Gym Gypsy Journal is right up my alley is because it only comes in 3-months-at-a-time subscription! And 3-months is when I usually get bored and look for other planners.

Another way this journal is different from a planner is that it is specifically for working out. You can record your every day conditioning, skill work, and strength workouts. It has space to record your water intake, and nutrition with 6 meals a day.

There is space for daily goals and important tasks. A place to take your daily health inventory such as mood, soreness, fatigue, sleep, etc. is another section you will find.

It is equipped with a monthly 2-page layout, notes section, PR page, as well as a monthly goal page.

Not only am I going to use it for my workout journal but I am also going to use it for my daily planner.

You can go to to see more and order. They have a great blog to follow along with; fantastic information and motivation.

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