Hello 2018!

Hello 2018

Hello 2018Well,¬†hello 2018! Welcome. Nice to meet you. What shall we do this year? I have to admit, 2017 may be a tough act to follow. I’m not one for making grandiose resolutions for the new year. I like to think of them more as goals and, in fact, I’ve been planning my new 2018 goals since Thanksgiving 2017.

Hello 2018!

Professionally, my goal is to sell 156 cars in 2018. Yes, I have a plan and action items. I won’t get into details here on the blog.

Another goal, and this can be professionally and personally is to be focused and have a positive attitude in anything I do. It means I will stay off of social media more and perhaps start reading good things and attempt some sort of meditation.

In my house, I plan to pick certain areas of the house to declutter, clean, and organize. Instead of thinking rooms, I am thinking cabinets, drawers, and areas instead of big sweeping overwhelming whole rooms. I may start with the television cabinet one day. Another week, perhaps the buffet where we keep our dining linens and such. You get the idea.

I think the biggest goal I have for 2018 and is to build my garage gym. Not so much with more equipment but to clean out the garage, organize it to where it is suitable for a garage gym. I would like to buy a pull-up bar/rig but will need to figure out where I can put it. We use our garage for cars so I will also have to take that into consideration.

Hello 2018

Back in October I think it was is when I purchased my 2018 Planner! I know, a bit early but I was excited. Inkwell Press was discovered by me via Makers South. I bought the planner and then had Makers South make the cover for me.

Other than that, it is business as usual.

Your Charmingly Bold Generation-X Blogger,

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