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I quit social media

I quit. Well, I am trying to quit, social media that is; Instagram and Facebook. To be more specific, I am trying to quit posting so much to Instagram, my workout videos. On Facebook, I am weeding out the “friends” and trying not to post or read the news feed as much.

Why? That is the exact question I asked myself when it came to Instagram. “Why am I posting these workout videos?” That is the question I had to ask myself. I was surprised by the honest answer I came up with and how good it made me feel.

Bottom line, the answer I came up with was because I was seeking validation from others. Look at me! Look at me! And so then I went further and asked WHY was I seeking validation from others. Because seeking the the LIKES and HEARTS was validation and addicting.

I needed to stop that shit. FINALLY, I came to the conclusion that I don’t need validation from others to LIKE MYSELF. And that is all that matters, do I LIKE MYSELF? Hell yes I do. So, no longer will I post workout after workout after workout on Instagram.

Besides, it took forever and it was time consuming. And who fucking cares anyway? There are so many other people out there doing the same thing.

I tell ya what, ever since I stopped recording myself and obsessing over posting it on Instagram, my confidence level has gone up. I like myself much better nowadays. I can’t explain it except for what I already typed above about seeking my own validation instead of others.

Yes, I am keeping my Instagram account. I’m just not posting as much and it may be about random things. It still may even be about fitness and health. I’m not obsessing about it anymore.

In addition to not posting, I have UNFOLLOWED a lot of people. I also became obsessed with seeking out what others were doing. It all tied and ran together. Look at me but what are you doing so I can try to do it too and look at me. You get it? I finally broke the cycle.


Now to Facebook, I unfriended people I really didn’t know or haven’t seen in person or have never actually met in person. I went from 460 to about 280 friends and family. Now, I know I can probably go down even further than that and I am taking my time to do just that.

I have left groups and unfollowed pages as well. If anything comes up in my timeline now that I have issues with, it’s gone – unfollow, bye-bye.

Life is just too short, I’m not getting any younger and I am finding more important things in real life to achieve and real people to interact with.

If you want to find me active on social media, I’m on Twitter @garagegymgal and I still have my YouTube Channel that I may try to keep up with from time to time.

This also means I will be more freed up to blog again.

Author: Carol

Masters athlete, garage gym owner, and your charmingly bold GenerationX blogger.

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