The Centurion Challenge

Centurion Challenge

The Centurion Challenge, it is not something I created. I wish I had.

It was created by my friend Joe Martin. He is personal trainer extraordinaire! He owns and runs Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp and has Joe Martin Fitness.

He is also the person that introduced me to RELENTLESS POSITIVITY and who inspired me to get my butt into shape!

Anything he does, I want to be a part of, always. So when he posted the Centurion Challenge on Facebook, I was in and wanted to share it with everyone else.

This is a snippet from one of his newsletter he sends out to his people:

Last week I talked about how July 1st is the halfway point in the year and a great time to check in with your goals. Many people were wondering if I had a challenge that could help motivate them to finish the year strong.

I wanted to share the Centurion Challenge we are doing as a group in our private Facebook group.

The goal is to try to get in 100 workouts between now and December 31st, 2019. That is 4 workouts per week. 

It sounds like a pretty lofty goal, but it is definitely doable. First you decide what counts as a workout. It can be a run, a boot camp workout, yoga session, bike ride, gardening, dancing, walking the dog, etc… 

Decide what the workout means to you and then begin tracking them. Some people have created their own charts and spreadsheets to track them. I’m not that fancy. My suggestion was to put a dollar in a jar for every workout you complete. Then at the end spend that money on some workout gear or shoes.

Figure out the workout parameters, start tracking them, and let’s get in these 100 workouts! Are you in?

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I don’t normally carry cash on a regular basis and I have given up on fancy date planners and journals. I am simply going to continue writing down my workouts in my basic Staples 2019 daily planner (that I absolutely LOVE BTW).

The challenge started July 1 – it is not too late to jump in. Let’s do it.

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