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Good morning my little love bunnies. Hope this Memorial Day weekend finds you reflective and relaxed. Me? I’ve been hermitizing myself up in the house under cool air conditioning with the animals, television, and my Mac. The Gent works weekends and The Kids have been with him for the most part. I mean come on, it’s a golf course and they both have the bug. Actually, The Girl went yesterday to work but today both the kids are there to play. So once again, I have the house to myself, today, on this Sunday of my three day weekend. No, I am not complaining.

I did step outside on a few occasions though. One was to snap a few quick photos of the flowers on the back patio. On Facebook I saw where The Daily had put out a call for photo submissions for “what’s bloomin’ in your area?” They wanted it done via Instagram with the hashtag #thedailyflowers. I understood this jargon, I use Instagram all the time. I knew it would be no big deal to do, would hardly take up any of my time so I thought what the heck.

Here is what I submitted.

Click on any photo for larger view
The Daily stated that they would pick out their favorites from all the submissions and post some of them on their blog on Tuesday. After I posted my photos it wasn’t but a few short hours later that The Daily (or the person managing this particular project) came through my Instagram and LIKED some of my photos. Yay! Now whether or not they’ll be selected for Tuesday’s publishing is something else but still, you know I’ll be looking out for it come Tuesday.

Regardless if they pick any of my entries or not, the call for submission only reminded me that I had a paid subscription to The Daily and I needed to start using/reading it again.

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