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The Open Is Coming!

CrossFit Open

The Open is coming! The CrossFit Open that is. This will be my SIXTH year participating. Lord, I remember my first year, in 2014, when I was a member at CrossFit Impulse and the first WOD – it was a bunch of push presses I believe – it had to do with a barbell and it was over my head, literally and figuratively!

Man oh man, I was like a deer caught in the headlights. WTF?! And it was glorious as I look back on it now. I believe I was only 4 months new into the CrossFit world when I participated in my fist Open.

March 2014

Last year, 2018, was the first year I did it unaffiliated but Hampton Cove CrossFit did let me come to their open workout days on Sunday to complete each week’s workout, with a judge. So that was nice.

I am hoping I can do that again, Rocket City CrossFit also said I could come do it with them as well. If all else fails, I can record it on video myself in my own garage and get it done that way too. But, I am sure I won’t have some of the equipment (like a rower) – so I will have to get to an affiliate for those workouts. It will all be okay.

Believe you me, I am not under any sort of delusion that I will rank anywhere but the bottom of everything in the Open. Ha! It is just something fun to participate in with others.

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